Dictatorship and Prejudice

In reality and in dream

Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães
2 min readNov 11, 2022

This is a short story; I wish I could post it a short story, but since I joined, I have been and am banned from the Partners Program by the discretionary and bigoted group that runs Medium.

Anyone who has read anything by me knows that I dream dreams clearly as if they were real and colourful. And those who read “Images that ruffle my feathers”, know that we live here in a dictatorship of the Judiciary, which prevents us from talking, posting and writing everything that the Black Cover Council, Single Party Council, doesn’t like. They surround us on all sides.

Now the dream.

I dreamed that I called my son, who appeared to me as he did when I was 8 or 9 years old, to come and see the wall.

he came and said

— But this I’ve seen.

— No, my son, look at the continuation on the right.

The wall had been completed to the end.

My son jumped, reached the edge of the wall and climbed up.

— But we can go up and jump to the other side, says my son.

I also saw myself on the wall. Looking towards the end of the wall, the place we climbed from, to the right of the wall, was a lush lawn and tall grass, flag green; the other, on the left, was a mound of white sand, followed by soaked earth.

I dove into the grass and called my son

— Come, dive too is delicious!

Back on top of the wall, I dove into the pile of sand, slipped, and almost ended up on the beaten earth.

Coughing and sneezing, I woke up startled.



Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães

Already watching the eighty-eight turn of the Earth in curtsy around its King, I’m an engineer that became a writer, happy, in perfect health, body and mind.