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Thank you very much, James, for once again expanding my horizons, giving me a class so well written and connected, that a person like me who, as I said, can only "eat by the edges" scientific and philosophical articles, eats the whole dish.

My comments bellow may be nonsense that resulted from indigestion; but I do them, knowing that I need not fear, for I know of your patience and kindness.

"He is one of the few Western philosophers to have quested into the Eastern traditions in search of what was missing in the West and he was also a lifelong Nazi. This concatenation of strange threads leaves us with an intellectually and ethically challenging tapestry to confront" .

"The Nazi period of Heidegger's life is obviously an extremely controversial one. As his one-time student, the French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas put it “One can forgive many Germans, but there are some Germans it is difficult to forgive. It is difficult to forgive. forgive Heidegger.”

"When asked, in a 1966 interview with Der Spiegel, for some practical philosophical advice for a troubled age Heidegger responded that “Only a God can save us!”".

This after the above condemnation of Heidegger, with which I agree, left me confused, until, later on, I read this paragraph:

"What Heidegger means by God here is not a divinity in the traditional sense but a secular return of sacredness. The God, whether that be a hero or a movement of some sort, is the one that will initiate the transformation of humanity's relatedness to the world.

crystal clear! Thanks.

"Being and Time is essentially one long phenomenological exploration of human being".

Prof. MSc. Mário Tito Almeida adds: ""every point of view is seen from a point".

"Thus spake Zarathustra", I mean Einstein. Can these philosophical concepts exist in the same realm as physics?

"when a paradigm shifts, the problems of the previous paradigm aren't necessarily solved but rather they are dissolved — they cease to be problems, quite often they cease to even be sensible and they are forgotten".

Perhaps this is what will happen with the Big Bang Theory when the still controversial Whisper Theory in its current form is consolidated with arguments and experiences, which I believe will happen.

"In his later thinking he becomes less of a philosopher and more a prophet of Being uttering oracular formulations on the desperate apocalyptic moment facing humanity".

Gold clasp for very well cut stone.



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