Shininfleeing Star[1] — fixed stars

Bright Star of Promise

I chased her last year

Almost there, she fled from me among many,

Other stars, in the north,

Where I heard she’d come from.

One more time, and this one,

Leaving me overwhelmed

One more among many

Me from the south

Waiting for her to help me.

Star, my star,

Is there anyone prettier than me?

If you answer, I don’t even want to know.

Neither blonde nor blue eyes,

Instead of pines, ipês*

In this homeland to the fulgid rays

In the shade of a palm tree;

No cold or snow

On hot sand we walk.

Your sisters from down here, in clear sky,

Chuva de estrelas — ambientemagazine.

No frills or bullshit

In brilliance, brilliantly,

Made my blinders fall apart:

- Forget that one, she’s

Sober, serious, blazing rays,

She aloof, a foreign deaf

But I insist, I don’t give up,

I wait, senses alert,

Before time, impatient

Cause everything is already

Agitated in these shores;

Bustle, shop windows, parties, apparatus,

Hope, dream, everything sticks,

Colouring much of the grey life.

So, as predicted,

In the manger, window open,

Dream that comes, like a shooting star,

Estrela cadente

Soon a flash will guide Mages estranhos de luz no espaço

Modern, on rocket or jet,

Leave gold, frankincense and myrrh,

Waking up,

The sleeping child.

Noble bed in canopy

That wealth is an omen

Single bed cheap sheet,

Straw, hammock, pallet, mat,

paper-lined bench,

Be what be the manger

Chuva de estrelas — ambientemagazine.

Polar or Lucid, without jealousy,

Send Mages in droves

In what is your nest

Gifts all around, in plethora,

Stockpile for the whole year,

Of joy and affection

May console you when you cry,

Wake the captive child.

Until then, shininfleeing star.

Starry sky at downing —


* araguaney

[1] I read, here on Medium, a beautiful poem by a she-poet who says that poetry is Language, it cannot be translated. I commented, agreeing, but saying that I’m not a poet, I only write poems that can look like poetry. That’s why I dare to translate Fulginte Estrela.



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