This is what every author dreams of: that his books are in various bookstores, best still in a privileged exhibition; book lovers looking for them avidly, having seen favourable and praising texts from critics in newspapers and literary programs.

Getting there is exceedingly difficult, if not impossible; I already despaired using sites that let me down!

I published three of my books, on paper and in eBook on Amazon, six months ago: “Pra Quê? ”,“ O Rei da Maisena Branca” and “And there was no storm in Tokyo ”; I almost immediately deleted them and cancelled my Amazon Kindle account: the paper ones are printed only in the United States of America or the United Kingdom; my daughter bought one and I, using the author discount, sent one as a gift to the administrator of Caves Periquita, who authorized me to use the name of its founder, José Maria da Fonseca, in my historical and suspense novel “The King of White Cornflower”.

None have arrived until today.

On eBooks, there is no way of drawing attention to new writers: they are lost in the multitude of established authors, as possibly you who eventually read this article.

In addition to the three above, I have three more ready “Chroniscas”, “One is bad, two is good, four too many” and “Traveling on Morfinese”, as well as drafts in progress “Pieces of my life” and “What’s up?”.

I don’t have the money to publish them on the various sites that actually publish them, much less to buy the ones published there to distribute, much less for autograph events; in fact, I don’t even want this: I would like that a publisher to at least read it, discard it or not.