Aurora, the goddess that opens the way for the Sun l — Aurora-triumphing-over-the-night-1755-Commons-Wikipedia-2000x840–1024x430

A premisse of morning

From a May summery,

Day just stretching

To begin.

She there bright,


Under her sign

In ascending

I started, so long ago

Time, so much road,

My walk.

Was she the author of the feat,

She loved me from bed,

Or was it me forever

Her eternal lover?

I love the day

With its colours and sounds

And even cacophonies.

I delight in it

With meetings, partnerships,

Or even disagreements.

I love to see, hear, touch

Souls and people,

And for so many to be touched!

Many joys

Meagre frustrations.

Matter to be relived

In dreams of soon more.

I love the sunrise,

The pure and light mornings

Shine radiant sun

Violent rain,

Or slowly,

Light rain,

That makes me the boy

From São Paulo in the drizzle.

To Aurora, I surrender

With pure passion,

Teenager, boy.

And how not?

The day comes

And it makes me an adult.

And her too.

I keep the purity, the lightness,

Radiation or rain

That feeds

To decorate my day,

Aiming to decorate the world

Faithful to dear Aurora.

Spent the day,

Come another one.

Each day, each and every day,

Every end of the day,

The mistress arrives


Tempts seduces, envelops me!

I surrender,

And we travel in voluptuousness

Deep into and through the night,

And endless dawn.

Until the time comes

To the farewell:

I have the day ahead,

She, who dies with it!

So, it’s gone for days and decades.



Here, you never sleep:

You just nap.

I wanted to see my beloved,

The window is far away

But I know she’s there

Making the world happy

In the name of our love.

I nap again.

She arrives, laughing as usual,

As always, mocking.

Hey, passion, what are you waiting for?

Loosen the moorings,

Come, enjoy, dance, get drunk,

Love me without prejudice,

In a night that never ends.

I turn off and she with me.

Even so tired,

From everything, from pain, suffering,

I’m reluctant.

Now I hear the clear timbre,

Aurora’s tender voice!

Come dear, fear not!

Vesper and I are one:

You’ll have the pleasure of the nights,

In the early morning hours;

The sun of every dawn,

Soothe you on the beaches,

The rains that comfort,

The day that never ends.

I surrender.



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Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães

Already watching the eighty-seventh turn of the Earth in curtsy around its King, I’m an engineer that became a writer, happy, in perfect health, body and mind.