Health, Leptons, Quarks and Gluons

Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães
4 min readAug 10, 2020


Now, what is this story about health mixed with fundamental particles?

Well, you must know that these little things with these little-known names are, in large part, if not totally, the fundamental basis of our health.

Every little bit of everything, including our body is constituted, deep down, at the root, from the combination of all. [1]

Every bit of our skin, liver, spleen, bones, brain, …. is made up of cells that, in turn, are composed of chemical elements, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. These and other elements present in a smaller quantity are part of the inorganic and organic compounds that constitute it.

All, therefore, depending on the harmony and unity of Leptons, Quarks and Gluons, which rotate, oscillate, are both matter and wave.

In a healthy body, all this permanent agitation is like a harmonious and beautiful symphony; in a sick body, agitation is in disarray, “music” is an irritating cacophony.

But, in addition to traditional medicine, there is a heterodox, but efficient and effective way to cure diseases and maintain health, which I intuitively and successfully use for more than forty years.

1 — Lying on your back and relaxed, at first I suggest starting the exercises only in the sun, feeling and enjoying the energy entering your body; close your eyes and slowly imagine its wrapping and contents — the skin and everything in it — becoming like a solid mass, without cracks or interstices, whole but plastic, like big gelatine of firm consistency.

2 — Slowly let this mass become what it is: a set of infinite punctual bricks, which vibrate, touch, dance. Use thermal energy, the heat you feel in the sun as the primary source to organize the “orchestra” of particles, into harmonic waves. Hear a sweet and harmonious melody you have in your memory (or put it to play), such as Bach’s Air on the G String, Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring, of CMB — cosmic microwave background radiation, anyone that you like.

3 — Feel, then, that hundreds of trillions of neutrinos pass through your body [2], cleaning the minimum spaces between Quarks and, consequently, you.

To feel the effects, do this whenever the sun comes up, often. Then, you can do the exercises at any time of the day or night, as the sun’s energy and Neutrinos are always present, even on the other side of the earth.

Here I am, at 85 years of age to prove it works; my medical examinations suggest that my health is like that of my 40s. Of course, I help by taking multivitamins, vitamin C 500, E 400, calcium 500 and Simvastatin. I complement it with dozens of coffee whole day and night; it’s believed to maintain a good neural vasculature, but you may use Gingkobiloba [3}.

Try it and, whether it works or not — after at least a month of treatment — comment here if you wish.


[1] And it’s even more complicated: There are six types of quarks, known as “flavours”: up, down, strange, charm, bottom and top; but only two does interest us, given their importance in the formation of subatomic particles. They are the Up and Down quarks so that Quarks can form Matter, well, that is where the Gluons come in. And, to complete the construction the Leptons enter.

[2] The chances of a neutrino hitting a quark on his body are less than winning the lottery 56 times, as said he did a Bahian deputy, João Alves, one of the “Budget Dwarves”. And, if it happens, nothing matters the explosion of a neutrino, due to its infinitesimal mass, with a Quark will be zillion times less than that of a snap-its.

[3] Gingkobiloba is an important natural drug for the brain, memory, and to ward off “the German”.



Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães

Already watching the eighty-eight turn of the Earth in curtsy around its King, I’m an engineer that became a writer, happy, in perfect health, body and mind.