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Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães
5 min readDec 30, 2021

New day, not all old.

Good and healthy telomeres for everyone!

nsctotal.com.br the secret to longevity may lie in the telomeres

Get out of your den and walk, straining, in particular your thighs, the muscles that most elongate and strengthen these rags.

Or stay in the den, but exercise your thigh muscles.

May a bunch of your 50 trillion cells renew especially neurons. That they do not die is a known fact; now we know that the brain and neurons do renew themselves, even that older adults can still grow new brain cells![1]

It largely depends on you.

New day, old ways.

New day, promises

maybe a diet, exercise, yoga or whatever,

make that long-awaited trip;

dreams, hopes, constant and pleasant battle to live and survive,

pay bills…

Seeing, hearing and feeling new things, reviewing old ones;

to love and to be loved;

never offend, but never forget who offended you.

At each New Day celebration, all over again; It’s always like that

New day, time to review old and ingrained prejudices that our culture, our customs, old great-grandparents from the times of slavery, instilled in you. Study a lot and deeply each one and its roots, a serious, enormous and tiring task, which not ever comes to an end.

Stop; go for a walk, go see beautiful things, visit loved ones, chat or make small talk; go sniff and taste your favourite dishes, listen to good music, read tasty novels, watch movies and read humour books; inspirational books, healthy texts. Nothing too technical, complicated and boring: the brain also needs affection and breaks… Everything will start again the same on a new day.

Forget the headlines on TVs, newspapers and magazines that prioritize tragedies, disasters, people suffering, a lot of crying, blood, evil and sadness: good and beautiful things, heroic acts, they think they don’t sell. Biased interpretations and lies in the media that are not based on facts, and spread their hoaxes, comment on what they don’t understand, politics instead of politics, terrify us with inflation, low or no economic growth,

Headlines to sell more newspapers, maintain and Increase Television Audiences, which cause discouragement, irritation and revolt,

without publishing what’s the good things and facts that are been happening and will happen, which tends to solve or improve all this, in the day to come.

Or exaggerate the bounty, leading to consumerism that encourage easy credit, generate debt, waste, habits harmful to health, and, more headlines to sell more newspapers, maintain and Increase television audiences, advertisements, incite more consumerism; possibly there will be many other cases in which default, the impossibility of paying debts lead to irreparable personal losses of houses, luxury cars, taken by financial institutions, who lose nothing with the insurance included in the financing, who knows if even a new one bubble that, when bursting, leads to new and provisional chaos. There is no free lunch: the money will have to come from somewhere, inflation, loss of currency value.

We’ve already seen this movie, but we haven’t learned.

The Body-Nation renews itself — when it renews itself …— slowly, slowly, irritatingly slowly, always in symbiosis with the Body-State which, hopefully, also renews regularly. Which, if infected, destroys harshly created cells, autophagic consumes itself, forgets and tries to erase its history in megalomaniac dementia; embezzles funds; irresponsible, paranoid, corrupts and is corrupted; autistic babbles banalities, lies and follies, lies to himself and the world.

Discouragement yes; hopelessness ever!

The US population, its Nation Body, is over 335 million to 50 trillion cells, at least 355 million times its 86 billion neurons that renew each day. Nothing, no bad government, no sick group, no cancer cells on it will be left if we activate the immune system. It is the duty and necessity of each healthy group, ours, institutions, the media, to eliminate false synapses, reinforce telomeres, create and recreate healthy ones.

Fierce and relentless campaign against the fallacies that have been set up against us, left versus right and vice-versa, blacks and whites against whites and blacks, against themselves, sexist and feminists against feminists and sexist, North and South against South and North, straight and LGBTs against LGBTs and straights, anti and pro-abortion and pro and against anti, arms against anti and vice versa. And the so-called “politically correct” that distorts meanings and castrates the Lexicon.

Naming the oxen is necessary: ​​who is interested in this, who are interested in marches, smashers, graffiti on public or private things, public roads blocked by burning tires?

Searching for the truth? Not first as yet:

The truth?

Jesus in the court of Herod — Painting by Duccio, 1308 — Wikipedia

Someone wrote that John the Evangelist said that Herod asked Jesus, “Who are you?”; to which Jesus replied: “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, except through me”. Herod asked him, “What is truth?” (John 14:6). Whoever wrote this gospel could not say what the evangelist would say if Jesus responded.

First: seek knowledge, use reason, be humble, know how to listen, seek, without prejudice, to understand the reasons each one believes supports its point. This attitude and practice may lead to a path closer to the truth. Let there be telomeres!

We can start here.

A sunset for sale — envolverde.com.br

[1] https://cordis.europa.eu/article/id/123279-trending-science-do-our-brain-cells-die-as-we-age-researchers-now-say-no



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