Quarantine on my place, in times of the Coronavirus.

Unusual? I do not know

I have the impression that all persons in the municipality of Conceição do Rio Verde[1] are immunized for this guy from COVID 19.

It may also happen in other municipalities with similar characteristics.

Last Thursday, April 8th, I went back to the city to shop.

I had been there before a week or ten days ago.

Many people walking quietly, alone or in families, holding hands, I did not find anyone on the streets wearing masks; bars not crowded as in normal weather, not crowded but at restaurants tables and bar counters.

People arrive from the neighbourhoods, from the countryside; from nearby cities, verified as healthy at the barriers, but which may be contaminated without any symptoms.

At the ITA market, only two of the clerks at the checkout counters with masks, two or three employees with masks, one attendant went to indicate me were some products I did not find were; I stayed at distance but he came right next to me.

At the Torres market, the same thing.

In the tiny pharmacy, there was already a client with no mask, the only attendant as well, I entered, bought, paid, received the “Come back always” farewell.

A funny happening was to occur in this store

On the door, there is a notice: “Attendance one at a time”.

Respectful, I stood in the doorway.

Inside, an elderly man, younger than me, skinny, wearing a hat similar to mine, but with wider brims, was making a big speech, which was that he was to cancel his registration (I didn’t get what) because they didn’t send people or help to attend to his daughter or niece.

“But now I already paid for a doctor and took her to!”

And he repeated, repeated, and close to the lady at the register and to The attendant (the only one), much less than a meter away; and… me waiting.

A man passed by me, shorter than me, a little fat; I was surprised, but he was the store manager, I think.

The furious lord began to repeat the rigmarole to him; suddenly he grabbed the guy, was whispering in his ear.

No! He was not drunk. Closed in some far corner of the countryside, he was taking the opportunity to talk to other people, to talk; but he didn’t have time to listen, he needed to boast on what he did and what he promised to do, the old macho man.

There was already a lady behind me, at a recommended distance.

Patience and respect have limits; I said loudly: As soon as he finishes this conversation can I come in?

Hi, sir, sorry, you can come in, said the lady.

I was just going to buy the delicious dulce de leche, for those who like sweets, so for my wife, and I wanted a type of spray that she bought there, good for sending insects for peace; the boy went to the bottom with me, but it was over.

I went to pay; the old man was still there!

I waited until, at last, the lady called me.

I paid; she placed the bag on the opposite side where the old man, hands resting on the counter, as by a pulpit, detailed his epic.

So this is the quarantine, even Brazil having a multitude of infected people and deaths, second to the US, on this land of strong, hardened people, survivors of so many virus attacks: perhaps cross-immunization, say doctors and scientists.

Healthy and happy to this day, here I am.

In my neighbourhood, Águas de Contendas[2], horizontal isolation is the usual, cold, heat, viruses or not; a bunch of houses of people that come on vacations, the remaining of permanent residents, few close to another, the majority separated at hundred meters or more.

Imagine needing isolation in a district that, according to IBGE — Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistic has:

Territorial area: 369,681 km² (2018)

Estimated Population: 13,638 (2019)

36.89 inhabitants per km²

Hard is for the poor virus to find client here!

Well, this was on April 12, 2020.

Before the end of April, the Mayor issued a Decree with stronger words and restrictions, in more or less the same all over the country, “do not leave home unless needed, obligatory use of masks, penalties to persons and establishments in disobeying”… Did function for most, but not all, stores, restaurants, bars, markets, barely for persons: still now, less than fifty per cent uses masks.

To date, there are no cases in Conceição do Rio Verde; at the beginning of May, there was a couple, who works at a bank in Caxambu[3], they felt some symptoms, they were admitted to the excellent hospital there, released in the following day. As a precaution, they were in residential isolation for 15 days; the 5 people with whom they had contact were monitored, as well as with whom they have any contact. No confirmation of known symptoms. We are at mid-July, nothing.

However, the Mayor, using the case, in the middle or end of May decreed a State of Public Calamity! Why? To have access to the federal government funds destined to municipalities in situations of public calamity, so, Conceição has already received R $ 1,501,104.03 (about US$ 300 thousand at present most devaluated Real due to the pandemic); the mayor can apply the amount on purchases of medicines, equipment, ambulances and buildings intended directly for the prevention and treatment of infected people.

Aimed directly at hospitals and public health posts, I couldn’t see one, but on roads, streets and parks, yes; maybe

Brazil, like many countries, has endemic corruption, some more others less.

Institutional corruption, after other epidemics, Mensalão, and Petrolão the most devastating phase, in addition to other developments of the Lava Jato Operation, has now spread to Covidão, already with Governors and Mayors with formal charges of deviation, some already indicted, all totalling more than one billion reais.

COVID 19 is treated and certainly curable; endemic corruption has been combated by the current government, with auspicious results, good in the institutional as well, that will only end when the majority of members of the Judiciary and the National Congress change their cadres and attitudes: today there are many of them already accused by the Attorney General’s Office, investigated by the Federal Police, with lawsuits accepted by the competent judiciary level… awaiting judgement.

Brazilians, now alerted, better educated and politicized through social media and transparency sites, know that the media, said to be traditional, hide important truths and news, spread fear and lies: they want the return of the times of outright corruption and exchange of favours in which won rivers of money.

The vast majority of us are confident: the municipal elections of January 2021; parliamentarians and executives of 2020 will complete and complement what the current government has already done and still tries to do, nowadays with meagre results, after the escalade of legislative/judiciary anti-government position and actions.

Forward Brazil, with or without pandemics!