“Do good, regardless of who”

And bear the gratitude!

Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães
6 min readMay 14, 2022



The young man rested a little, and managed to say: it was the monsters. I need water and food.

− Don’t you see? You are standing on a reservoir of water: drink and I will find something to restore your strength.

He brought him a good piece of honeycomb.

− I brought what I could find.

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The boy was amazed at the size of the plate: it was bigger than him! But he didn’t even reply: he was greedily sucking each large comb.

- Calm down, boy! Eat slowly; this is very strong. Stop, rest, and then eat just a little more.

What is your name? Mine is Angry.

− I still don’t have a name; my parents were scared away by monsters, and they didn’t have time to give me one.

− Poor thing! So I name you Phoenix.

− Phoenix? What is this?

− It is the name of a bird that rose from its ashes.

− No! I didn’t get burned!

− It still will be Phoenix; It’s a metaphor; when you’re bigger, big and free, free as a bird, come back here and I’ll tell you.

− Is a metaphor a bad name? This my parents told me never to speak.

Angry chuckled as he flicked his flabby cheeks over the stiff collar.

− You’re laughing at my parents! You cannot!

Wiping the tears with the crooked hand of the crooked arm…

− No! None of this! In a short time, your parents were with you, and they gave you a great education! Congratulations to them.

− So what are you laughing at?

− Sorry; I used a word that you will understand when you study. It means something that reminds you of something that happened to someone else.

Phoenix took a sip of water and sucked on three more pods.

− Now tell me what happened to you.

− Mr Angry, when I was alone, lost from my parents, I walked, walked, I was very hungry; I saw a huge cave, without seeing anything else, without thinking I entered it…

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− But boy, how could there be food in a cave?

− I can see that you are very chubby, you never knew what hunger is: hunger hit me, it gave me hallucinations, I almost went crazy…

− Yes, I know what happens to someone who is so thirsty that they believe they see an Oasis in a desert.

− ??

− Sorry: another thing you will learn yet. But I understood perfectly.

− Yes, there was no food, but there were two exits where you could see the sun, the continuation of the grass where I came from. I continued fast to one of them, I hit my head on something hard, but I couldn’t pass. An incredible thing, something about witches, my mother would say when told me stories!

I came back, lunged hard, hit again and… nothing!

You cannot imagine my fear, my anguish!

I turned to the other exit; from then on I saw the exact place from which I entered the cave; Zaz and, the same thing; the witchcraft terrified me even more.

I went back and on the way back I saw things that were hanging on the walls of the cave. I leaned on one, it was firm, I sat down to catch my breath.

A monster with a head like a big egghead saw me when I hit this window, got up, went out through a hole I didn’t see, went back with a long stick it looked like a thick bamboo with a bunch of straws on the end, started trying to catch me with it, I went to the first window fast; I almost broke my mouth.

Egghead was pushing me down, pushing me down again, God in heaven! My heart was pounding desperately, my mouth was dry, I escaped, went again to the things hanging in the cave, I sat down to catch my breath and strength, and there came Egghead with the stick to get me! I had to go back to the other window.

The monster made some noises, it sounded like a jaguar, another monster appeared, this one with white corn leaves on top of the Egg, roared at the other one, which was shortening a dark covering next to the first window, another window appeared below. I thought “I think this is the real way out”; and the monster pushed me towards it; I set sail: I hurt my head and again, almost broke my teeth!

Egghead With White Straws roared again, Egghead left the stick leaning against the wall, went back to the entrance I didn’t see, came out with something I think was a tall trap, took the stick, climbed through the trap, tried to get close to me and push me down, I sat down on another ledge.

The Strawhead monster roared, and the Egghead descended and exited the way I entered. I sat there, wondering what other mischief he was going to do. I only thought of bad things: it’s horrible to think that, sir! Worse than reality.

He came back with another Egghead, this one with a lot of spikes on top of the egg, bigger and taller than him!

It was he who now had the rod pushing me down; I went back to a ledge, he climbed the trap, with the straw he held me there.

The Egghead arrived where I was, with his huge hand he grabbed me by the edge of my coat, and I came out with force, he was left with a piece of the coat in his hand. I didn’t have the strength anymore, but Egghead With Thorns pushed me!

I could only lie down on another ledge, without having the strength to move anymore. I felt his huge hand taking me. I thought: It’s my end!

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No: he picked me up with affection, scratched my head, walked with me in his hands, got to where you are, pushed me, and practically threw me on top of this water reservoir.

The Head With Thorns, who I thought was just as bad as the others, was good!

− These evil monsters will regret what they did to you! I will call my army.

− Are you a King or a general?

− No, but I am the Queen’s husband.

Angry left and came back with several battalions buzzing.

My wife and I screaming and swollen from bites were rescued by the neighbour who took us to the hospital.

The Moral of the fable is “For doing good, get evil”



Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães

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