At this age, what to do?

Nonsense and crimes of rulers and businessmen that devastated us.

Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães
2 min readMay 31, 2022


Unemployied —

Life is difficult for everyone on this planet; for many, very difficult!

Inflation up there; in Brazil is eating loose.

Was it the pandemic?

No, at least not here: 84% vaccinated in the country, 82.7% in my state of Minas Gerais, 92%; in the municipality of Conceição do Rio Verde, a with a enormous territorial area (370 km²), and a ridiculous population (today just over 17 thousand); in my Águas de Contendas neighbourhood, the largest in the city (98 km²), 680 souls. A long time ago, from the first months of 2021, I said: poor thing of this virus around here! It will have to look hard to get a customer. Got tired; ashamed disappeared.

The reason is that a psychopath decided to invade a neighbour Country. The result was complete disorganization of trade chains, a reduction in consumption, by Adam Smith’s law (not yet repealed by the left or the right), triggered the skyrocketing price of the barrel of oil: it dragged the entire economy, lowered consumption, led to food shortages in developed countries, exacerbated it in countries and areas where hunger is already endemic, a heinous crime to which the dysfunction of the international economic system, the inefficiency of the UN, my silence, yours, the disdain of the rulers, condemned them.

Russia spends trillions of dollars, Ukraine billions, and many countries and companies help in arms and money that, together, can reach another trillion; see the list at

Each of us that are not bankers, not owners of financial corporations, has to try to survive.

My cash inflows are fixed, and my essential expenses grow without a brake. The urgent ones I left aside.

And there’s this old man, at 87 years old, who tries to work as and with the tools he can.

I changed my profile on LinkedIn and on the blog Espírito, Saúde e Ciência, to adapt them to my age, location and condition., expecting to be able to balance my accounts. If possible, to have a more reasonable standard of living.

From LinkedIn and the blog so far, no request has come.

I’ve already written a lot here on Medium without being able to earn a penny.

Because Brazil is one of the countries that Medium’s owners have decided that they can’t enter the “Partners Program”.

Maybe it will at least help me so that those who read this post have ideas and ways to suggest to me, advice and help in this search.

“Mediumnistic” hugs.



Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães

Already watching the eighty-seventh turn of the Earth in curtsy around its King, I’m an engineer that became a writer, happy, in perfect health, body and mind.