A respectable old man

– Look how old and tired he is! He walks slowly, his head held high, but he steps at random as if he doesn’t know where to go or get to…

He, with his long experience, looks, examines, think. Without the rush, jokes, fuss of young people. Dogs bark and he, indifferently, passes by.

I watch him whenever I can.

He examines what is he sees or senses carefully. If in doubt, stop, think, meditate, before proceeding. Sometimes he goes back to a message, reexamines it, approves it or not.

Yes, he thinks, walks to better think, head up, he doesn’t look down.

– He must be blind, or already with Alzheimer’s: he’s looking at infinity, standing still, looking at what isn’t there or what doesn’t even deserve a look.

No! Respectful and considerate to the opposite sex not so much to his sex males. To boys and old men, always say good morning, good afternoon or evening.

He looks at what no one sees, feels or smells. If I look at there I also see nothing, but I know that he, with his sense of smell, his instinct, his so long life, must have reason to stay there spying on things that he knows exist, or that so many memories make him review there.

That deserves respect.

- He’s really crazy! Now he suddenly sets off in a race, and soon stops or returns to his slow, stumbling steps…

Yes, with an excellent memory, he remembered that there was work or document ahead to examine.

Arrived to, thinks, considers with seriousness and professionalism. If he approves, he signs or leaves instructions. If he saw that it was an unimportant thing, he resumed his tasks, at his pace, his pace, his time.

If without really knowing what it is, he scratches his head like anyone else; usually he finds out or gives up, and moves on.

He leaves marks, teachings, messages for all races. To whoever wants to read them or not; his role has already been fulfilled.

Respectable this gentleman!

His name? I’ve known him for a long time: Mr. Totty[1].

Flavio March 2013, his undisputed admirer.


[1] Mr. Totty is Brazilian, born in São Paulo, Capital, of Germanic ancestry, age somewhat uncertain, between 76 and 80 years old, medium size, light gray hair, darker gray eyebrows and mustache, a still beautiful Schnauzer of good breed.



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