Será verdade?

A Medium enviou-me uma mensagem informando que, se eu tiver mais 10 pessoas que leiam um dos meus artigos, possivelmente poderei ser aceito no Programa de Parceiros, que, de acordo com as regras, pode me render algum dinheiro.

Is it true?

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Medium sent me a message informing me that If I have 10 more people that read one of my articles, I can possibly be accepted into the Partners Program, which, according to the rules, can pay me some bucks.

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Is it palliative?

What? I didn’t understand, but my daughter said yes to the nurse.

Of all, this is what weighs and hurts me the most until today.

I came to make this post as so many here teach, with beautiful photos, quality photos, to draw attention and possible clapping.

I had travelled a few times in ocean liners, many hundreds, I think reaching thousands, in planes of all types, from puddle-jumpers to Concorde. I loved it, in-flight turbulence lulls me to sleep.

My son Pedro, who has an international certificate of “Instructor of Captains”, came from France to Ilhabela…

But, disappointingly, is fake!

I received this information from Medium’s: “Reminder: Your Guide to Monetization on Medium: Getting Paid for the Stories You Publish and the Audiences You Build starts in 1 day”.

And the link to Brazil: (Brazil).

Happy and enthusiastically, I clicked; and the result is this:

Gigantesca enxurrada de pensamentos![1]

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De minha sacada observo, todas as manhãs, ou quase todas, por volta das 9 e pouco, cinco pescadores, ali à minha frente, começarem a faina de preparar dois barcos para o trabalho.

The Bossa Nova and dictatorship

For the old folks, who know the music, for the “gringos” not acquainted with popular Brazilian songs, and for the younger folks to know a little bit of history…

Great and perhaps useful information, if you happen to hear “Na tonga da mironga do cabuletê” spoken to you or others…

Para o pessoal da antiga, que conhece a música, e para o pessoal mais novo conhecer um pouco de história.

Joia de informação sobre o significado da expressão “na tonga da mironga do cabuletê”.

Bem próprio do Vinicius de Morais e Toquinho. Eles devem ter rido muuito cantando isso! …

Aurora, ​a ​deusa que abre o caminho para o Sol! — Aurora-triumphing-over-the-night-1755-Commons-Wikipedia-2000x840–1024x430

Promessa de manhã
De um veranico de maio,
Dia s’espreguiçando
Pra começar.
Ela ali brilhante
Sob seu signo
Em ascendente
Comecei já há tanto
Tempo, tanta estrada,
Minha caminhada.
Foi ela autora do feito,
Amou-me desde o leito,
Ou fui eu desde sempre
Seu eterno enamorado?

Amo o…

Aurora, the goddess that opens the way for the Sun l — Aurora-triumphing-over-the-night-1755-Commons-Wikipedia-2000x840–1024x430

A premisse of morning

From a May summery,

Day just stretching

To begin.

She there bright,


Under her sign

In ascending

I started, so long ago

Time, so much road,

My walk.

Was she the author of the feat,

She loved me from bed,

Or was it me forever

Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães

Already watching the eighty-seventh turn of the Earth in curtsy around its King, I’m an engineer that became a writer, happy, in perfect health, body and mind.

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