and considerations about Conspiracy Theories.

Me and my “Fusca” — Ilustration by Claudia Ricci

I often receive messages − and I thank for that to whom has sent − about the wonders of the science and technology, of the past achievements, which were crushed and abandoned under the weight of government conveniences or criminal actions by multinational companies or organizations. It is always good to know all the theories and to be able to do my investigations, with which I boost my neurons in research, studies, and learning.

We all tend to believe in conspiracy theories when we do not have enough knowledge or reasonable answers on the subject, but we want the theory…


Tião, Sebastião Maria Rosalvinho da Silva, a rube from the boondocks of the interior of São Paulo, stocky, but muscular, young in his twenty-many years, wrinkles carved by the weedding at the sun, hands callused by the hoe and sickle, shrewdness and attention to see dangerous snakes and animals, avoiding ticks, imagining means and traps,

Coping with Land of Samurai’s subtleness

My partners thought it was crazy and waste of time and money to open a branch in Japan, already a steel giant at that time, a steel exporter to almost the entire world, including Brazil.

Death Row

It was Friday on a hot spring night; Juvenal didn’t show up at the office all week. Everyone commented that two weeks ago he looked very strange, with his head down, he didn’t speak; he who always animated the mornings with his jokes, stories, served everyone with cordiality, was a key part of Happy Hour.

I called his cell phone several times “The phone is off or out of range”; no one answered.

The day before yesterday, when I called his landline, the operator said the number was out of service!

Before going up to his apartment, I passed by…

It was the bird’s poop right in the middle of my bald spot.

A chapter of the book

And there was no storm in Tokyo

1 — My Beloved

The twelve a-commandments of my sister-soul

Dear Sir Siobhan VP, Medium Editorial

We Indians and Brazilians appeal to your understanding and sense of justice!

SpanishPod101 — Spanish Grammar Archives

Beautiful and delicate messages

I received.

Remind me of the passages,

Christmas, New Year,

From the day, each day,

Mother’s Day, Fathers, Birth, days …

Thank you all!

That these and other passages

Be for you

The power of our minds 1

Veranstalterhochgeladen photo by Monika Witwer

Now, what is this story about health mixed with fundamental particles?

Know that these things with these little-known names are, in large part, if not totally, the fundamental basis of our health.

Every little bit of everything, including our body is constituted, deep down, at the root, from the combination of all. [1]

Every little bit of our skin, liver, spleen, bones, brain, …. is made up of cells that, in turn, are composed of chemical elements, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. …

E que Natal!

É o primeiro depois da cirurgia em que eu nasci de novo. Portanto o primeiro depois que “nasci”, em 21 de setembro de 2011.

Pelas tantas mensagens recebidas e por quem me visita percebi e até “me lembrei” que é festa onde é Lei ser feliz (como em João e Maria de Chico e Sivuca), desejar coisas boas, mesmo para quem não se conheça, comer muito, beber idem, dar risadas. Ah! Ia me esquecendo: dar presentes e, pior, ir comprá-los! Razão de muita ansiedade e sacrifício.

Tenho visões ou alucinações (coisa com que convivi intensamente em meus primeiros dias de…

Flavio Musa de Freitas Guimarães

Engineer, in love with literature, writing books, chronicles, 3 blogs.

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